Fair work

I’ve started thinking that there must be a way to use our habits of today to fill the gaps of failure in governments to provide lives of dignity to all. Why wait for inadequate governments to get better when as a people we may be able to just do it ourselves? As governments become increasingly powerless and people intrinsically connected through globalisation and its tools, we have it in ourselves to provide for each other more completely than governments ever have.

Does anyone genuinely argue with the idea that any individual’s life should be nurtured? What are we as people if we don’t try to ensure everyone can make a living regardless of their circumstances? Yet, in the very extreme cases people simply cannot offer any service in the market economy and are therefore considered worthless. What if we flipped this paradigm and suggested that anyone that creates meaning to someone else’s life is worthy of a decent living? Respective roles are therefore equally recognised and merit being sustained. We don’t question that life should be sustained. It follows therefore that all life and lives should be provided for. Let’s crowdfund basic income: it seems inconceivable, but then again all the tools to do so are out there aren’t they?